Loyalty Campaign Regulations

  • Stil N Hotel****
  • Stil Old Town***



The Loyalty Program is organized and developed by In Stil Hotels Group.

Beneficiaries of the loyalty program must comply with the terms and conditions of this Regulation as mentioned below (hereinafter referred to as “Regulation”).

The regulation is available for consultation at the headquarters of the companies and on website;

In Stil Hotels Group reserves the right to modify or change these Regulations and such modifications shall apply starting the second day from the date of its publication on the website.



The loyalty code is applicable only in one of the hotels that are part of In Stil Hotels Group belonging to the companies M&T Market & Trade Professionals SRL, New Hotel Invest SRL and Rossimo Real Estate SRL.

– Stil N Hotel****, Stil Old Town *** from Bucharest.



The loyalty program has an unlimited time. In Stil Hotels Group has the right to decide at any time to terminate or modify the loyalty program.

The notice regarding the ending of the Loyalty Program will be displayed by In Stil Hotels at least 30 days before the date of its termination at the company’s headquarters, in a visible place, as well as on website.

The loyalty program will be conducted according with the conditions of this Regulation.

Program Enrollment

Any tourist, at least 18 years of age who has benefited from the accommodation services in one of the hotels for at least 1 night, can be a member of the Loyalty Program.

The beneficiary is obliged to fill the required data in a form handed at the hotel reception, respectively: name, surname, date of birth, phone number, email address and signature.

The unsigned form or one that contains incomplete details or if the data is not valid, attracts the impossibility of benefiting from the discounts granted according to the loyalty program.

After signing the Form and handing it to the reception staff, it is saved in an electronic format and a unique discount code will be handed in physical format as a card or by e-mail or SMS, providing access to the discount for the next purchase of accommodation services in the hotels.

The discount codes are available to customers free of charge, on the spot, as a result of the stay, in exchange for completing and signing the Loyalty Program Enrollment Form.



Beneficiaries of the Loyalty Program will be granted differentiated discounts applied according with the number of nights spent in the hotels for any reservation made through the reception hotel/marketing office and the discount will apply only to reception rates/packages (base price):

  • BRONZE – 5%: awarded to tourists who have benefited from accommodation services in the hotel for at least 5 nights;
  • SILVER – 10%: awarded to tourists who have spent between 11 and 20 nights in hotels;
  • GOLD – 15%: awarded to tourists who have spent between 21 and 30 nights in hotels;
  • VIP – 20%: granted to tourists who have benefited from the accommodation services for at least 31 nights.


* each loyalty level remains valid indefinitely or until new changes to the regulations, if the minimum number of nights mentioned at each level is met. If, within 24 months, the tourist does not accumulate the minimum number of nights related to each individual level, his loyalty level will automatically drop to the lower level, meaning also the reduction of the discount according to the new statute.

The codes have dual use, being individual but also transmissible.

The card can be transferable (it can also be used by a person other than the holder) and the discount will be applied according to the number of nights accumulated by the holder.



The owner of the Loyalty Code assumes full responsibility for any problem that may arise in connection with the use of the benefits of the Loyalty Card by other people.

To benefit from the discount, the beneficiary will have to announce that he is integrated into the loyalty program and present the Loyalty Code at the hotel reception before paying for the services.

If the Participant is not in possession of the Loyalty Code, no discount will be granted for the purchased package.

The tourist can benefit from the loyalty discount, not being applicable in the case of additional services opted for during the stay. The discount granted is applied from the reception price (base price) according to the loyalty code and cannot be combined with other discounts offered for the same package/offer, in which case you can opt for the most advantageous discount (e.g. last minute offers, early booking, discount vouchers for certain special offers, etc.).

If a loyalty code has been stolen or lost, the event must be announced within a maximum of 24 hours at the hotel reception, in order to cancel the code found in one of these situations. Otherwise, the Participant assumes any illegal use of the lost or stolen loyalty code. Along with the notification, the owner’s name and surname, telephone number and date of birth will be communicated.


Beneficiaries of the Loyalty Program can obtain information about the operation and use of the loyalty code by calling Reception Stil Hotel**** at phone number 0772.029.192. Also at this number, the beneficiary of the Code will announce without delay any change in the personal data communicated through the Registration Form and will also announce the loss or theft of the loyalty code.

In order to protect the personal data of the Loyalty Program Beneficiaries, In Stil Hotels will request information and personal data to establish the identity of the beneficiary.



By signing the Registration Form, the Beneficiaries agree to the provisions of this Regulation. By signing the Registration Form, the Beneficiary expresses his consent for the registration of personal data in the database of the In Stil Hotels group, as well as for the processing of this data in accordance with the Privacy Policy.



Any disputes between SC M&T MARKET & TRADE PROFESSIONALS SRL. SC New Hotel Invest SRL, SC Rossimo Real Estate SRL and the Beneficiaries of this Loyalty Program will be resolved amicably or if this is not possible, the disputes will be settled by the competent courts at the headquarters of SC M&T MARKET & TRADE PROFESSIONALS SRL, SC New Hotel Invest SRL, SC Rossimo Real Estate SRL.


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