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AIn STIL Hotels, we not only adapt but also encourage businesses, entrepreneurs, and even digital nomads to think differently. We offer more than just accommodation in key locations in Bucharest – we provide a setting where ideas can flourish. Our restaurant, STIL N Hotel, is the ideal place for business meetings, intimate workshops, and mini-events – a simple yet perfect space to connect people. At STIL Old Town, you can absorb the vibrant energy of the Old Center, turning workshops and team buildings into memorable experiences. 

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At In STIL Hotels, we offer more than just accommodation; we open doors to unique and personalized business experiences. Whether you choose STIL N Hotel, strategically located in Bucharest’s business area near Romexpo and business centers, or opt for STIL Old Town in the vibrant heart of the Old Center, full of co-working spaces and cafes, both locations are designed to stimulate creativity and collaboration. 

At STIL N Hotel, in the heart of Bucharest’s business zone near Romexpo and surrounded by corporations and business centers, we’ve created the ideal setting for business-oriented team buildings and professional development. At STIL Old Town, in the vibrant city center where streets buzz with co-working spaces and cafes, team buildings can take a more creative and relaxed turn, drawing inspiration from the urban spirit.

Discover our Long Stay offer at STIL Old Town Hotel, perfect for those seeking an extended urban experience in Bucharest, a top destination for digital nomads worldwide. With rates starting at 600 euros/month for 30 days, we offer a variety of rooms at competitive prices in the area, plus the benefits of a hotel: easy self-check-in and daily cleaning services. It’s the ideal choice to enjoy the vibrant culture and dynamism of the city, offering comfort and flexibility in an authentic urban setting.

Bring your proposals: Want to launch a product or have a unique brand activation in our hotel? We are open to various collaborations, from showcasing an innovative product in the lobby to placing branded items in hotel rooms. Have an idea? Write to us, we’ll review the proposal and get in touch to implement it. 

At In STIL Hotels, every business partnership is an opportunity to explore new creative horizons. We are your trusted partner in the business world, offering flexible spaces, adaptable services, and a personalized approach for each project. Discover how we can work together to bring a unique style to your business events.

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63 Nicolae Caramfil Street, Bucharest 014142
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Stil Old Town hotel Bucarest
29 Gabroveni Street, Bucharest 030167
+40 771 448 994
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4 stars hotel Bucharest
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